• Entrepreneurial Retreat Greece
    23. September to 30. September 2018

    one group - one purpose



    "the adventure starts, when there is no adventure anymore"

  • why do we all try to be somebody?

    So often we hear the word “mindful” these days. What does mindful actually mean? Giving the mind...
    Humans tend to always strive for more. Why are we like this? Where is this constant desire coming...
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      • 7 DAY RETREAT

        The week will give each participant an unique combination of different tools and techniques in the field of: mind, body and spirit. Everyone will be asked to do a sharing or presentation of their passion. We will have enough time to explore the magic Island of Aegina. Also we will have sports activites, yoga and massages available.
        This retreat is not a "regular" retreat. Our main principle is: co-creation.
        So as we are equal and do create the week together. Our last retreat in May 2018 was so awesome, that for at least half of the participant, it was life changing.

      • open your mind

      • your hosts

        Mark Galvan

        At the early age of nine Mark had his first experience of mending pain and aiding sickness with his own mother. Diagnosing the Origin of her migraines and curing her into remission. This was the life changing moment that awakened his path and life of healing others.


        As a healer and life sculptor Mark uses natural intuitive techniques from extracting pain from the body through energy driven massage, going through people’s past trauma that resides in the muscles. cleansing the central nervous system with vibrational healing and sacred chanting is a unique gift Mark shares with the world. After an analysis he gives personalized mantras along with uniquely guided meditation specifically made for the Client, class, or seminar. Bringing alignment in every aspect from physical, to emotional, as well as spiritual and even financial. Mark has used his methods for 20 years now. Working with a wide range of cases including cancer patients, business owners, recovering drug Addicts along with people dealing with depression and suicidal feelings. Engaging in Multidimensional healing, using natural energy and resources. His passion for humanity drives him to do his part on the restoration of humanity and preservation for the planet.

        Marcel Gasser

        "The purpose of life is to discover who you truly are". For that reason, it is crucial to stay curious and childish


        Marcel has lived in and travelled to over 80 countries across every continent and he’s still not finished! From Tibet to Greenland, there’s almost nowhere he hasn’t visited some time recently. In the process, he’s learned a lot about his privileges, his spiritual path and became very passionate about creating a lasting impact. A tumour in his head, changed his way completely by 2014. He decided to heal himself on a special and spiritual way, and not choosing the “suffer&pain” or traditional medicine. Marcel learned more than ever before, about life, the universe and himself. He currently works on a number of amazing projects.

        He was directly involved in the creation of more than 10 companies in the past 7 years. He leads the Swiss chapter of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN). Where his highest motivation is to connect the Swiss entrepreneur scene with the global peers. He is also extremely excited about an amazing concept involving providing flexible hardware to co-working locations (www.h-spaces.com) , that he is currently working on. He holds a Business IT degree, an MBA from University of Southern Queensland as well as an Executive MBA. He is proud to be an advisor and mentor to several start-up’s and entrepreneurs.

        Marcel strongly believes that the future belongs to sustainable businesses that create real added value. He is looking forward to sharing from his tools and lessons learned as entrepreneur or on his spiritual path and helping tapping into the unlimited potential each of us has, then “Men greatest burden is unfulfilled potential”.

        I’m very happy to connect with you and combine thoughts, efforts, superpowers for any impact creation. With love, Marcel





        see how our past retreats changed lives

        Diane Williams, founder of source of synergy foundation

        "glowing from insinde out"

        The Aegina retreat was one of the most personally, professional, emotionally and spiritually nourishing gatherings I have ever attended. I literally felt like I was glowing from the inside out and others noticed the change. And it was a lot of fun. I would highly recommend going if you have the opportunity. It will change the way you see the world and each other.” "

        Christina Lelupo, coach and author


        The week in Aegina was very inspiring and lot's of deep growth. I loved the strong connection amongh the various people participating the retreat. It almost felt like a family!

      • Location

        Aegina Island Greece, 1h 30 min from Athens Airport

      • A gift from the universe to you

        Workshops: 4 hours of Inspiration and Workshops Each Day

        Accommodation: A Vibrant and cozy home on Aegina Island, Greece

        Meals: Healthy Food & Drinks

        Movement: Yoga & Exercise

        Network: Relax & Connect

        Access: to Our Alumni Group


        Price: free*

        Duration: 7 days


        *you donate what the week brought in value add to your life
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